WE DO GOOD, NOT DO-GOODERY. We don’t work with brands that use social good as a one-time PR stunt. Kindvertising works exclusively with organizations and enterprises that consistently make the world a better, healthier, and kinder place.

WE WIN WITH KINDNESS. We may have a big heart, but our brains and guts are even bigger. We’re not afraid to step in the ring with the big players.

WE DON’T INFLATE OUR PRICES. We don’t care about making all kinds of money; we care about making all kinds of change happen. We don’t have a swanky office space or travel with first class tickets. We stick to the essentials, because our clients do too.

WE REALLY CARE. We actually support the causes we promote, so we do our research and homework religiously. As a result, we’ve gained invaluable experience and expertise in causes like animal welfare, wildlife preservation, environment protection, renewable energy, and social rights.



Kindvertising does a fantastic job of integrating good design and good purpose, helping to make the world a better, and more beautiful place.
— Kenny Torrella, Public Policy Outreach Manager The Humane Society of the U.S.
The team at Kindvertising is incredible. They took the time to get to know the organization and the image we were trying to portray.
— Nikki Therrien, Executive Director Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, Boston Chapter
I really love their creative thinking, and how easily they effectively communicate their remarkable ideas.
— Jane Halevy Moreno, Founder of International Anti-Fur Coalition