It all started when...


For World Water Week, UNICEF Somalia was looking for ways to drive awareness to the drought affecting the country. Over 2.4 million children are forced to walk up to 40 miles to have access to safe drinking water.


We designed a social experiment that put people in the shoes of the women and children of Somalia. We partnered with UNICEF and Reelmedia Film to set up a stand selling bottled water with the price marked in km, instead of currency. Customers were asked to walk on a treadmill to be able to quench their thirst. The video quickly became viral (over 10 million views) and was reposted by online news publications like Upworthy and Al Jazeera's AJ+.

This caught the attention of the Alavya Hotel in Turkey; they were moved to the point where the managing director decided to donate the revenue of an entire day's work to UNICEF.



I have worked with Kindvertising on a number of projects. What impressed me the most is their high level of professionalism, coupled with energy, creativity and also very competitive rate. They are one of the most reliable and accommodating companies I have ever worked with.
I wish them all the success in the future.
— Kun Li, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Somalia